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Penis Enlargement Treatment Is Pleasant Or Not.

For this hormone therapy given for three months in the formation of male hormone remedy, skin patches, or oral capsules. If the penis increases in size i.e. it grows in size by higher than 1.25 cm in these three months, it symbolizes the penis of that victim has potential for further growth. Once it is determined by the above test that the penis has the potential for more growth, in such case further courses of hormone therapy are given. By several studies of hormone treatment penis increases by three to four inches. By this treatment penis size also increases beside an increase in length. This penis lengthening operation is very useful in those sufferers in whom the first penis increasing potential test confirms that the penis has the capacity for further penis increase. So all patients achieve a fully normal penis i.e. good penis length & thick penis. As penis gains in size patient's self-confidence rise and the feeling of well-being are achieved.

How This Treatment Works:

When we deliver the below-mentioned hormones by one of the below-mentioned ways. The sequence of these hormones in blood flow rises. This points to the cover of more hormones on androgen receptors of the penis. After combining with receptors those hormones start to certain changes in the penis muscle. This leads to the increase of penile tissue leading to further increase. This continued rise in penile tissue leads to more penis increase. This continued increase of penis tissue below the influence of the above-mentioned hormone therapy continues till penis size normalizes. Usually, in one-year time penis volume, as well as penis stiffness i.e. girth, normalizes. Unluckily most maximum doctors have less information about hormone therapy so that they neither examine the patient nor give hormone or other medical therapy for a penile increase.

Prescription of Small Penis

Many benefits of penis enlargement surgery are desirable for micropenis & little penis.


We begin medical treatment only when the before analyses show that the penis can increase. It is presented in the form of replacement of male hormone testosterone & different hormones as increment hormone, DHT hormone & increase factor replacement. These hormones can be given in the form of verbal pills, skin patches, ointments, gel or injections.

As this therapy has no side impacts, it is inexpensive and easy to take both as oral tablets, skin patches, or as a gel or sometimes as vaccination of hormone.

The Several Treatment Options are:

  • Male hormone testosterone replacement: The replacement of male hormone testosterone is an example of the current treatments for penis enlargement.
  • Oral preparation, which is prepared in capsule form. It wants to be given one to three tablets daily. Those have no side impacts.
  • Tran dermal Testosterone is produced as a scrotal patch. It is very useful & has no side effects. It can be also provided as the Testosterone gel, which can be used on any part of the skin.
  • Sublingual Testosterone cyclodextrin is directly available which is so fast-acting & really useful is fast & more real sex organ & secondary sexual normal development.
  • Local application of D.H.T. gel is a new product for male hormone replacement. It is very useful for developing penile size, & in evidence of cure of poor penis size in guys.
  • Injections of Testosterone esters: These include Testosterone enanthate & testosterone cypionate given intramuscular vaccinations every 10 to 14 days.
  • Long-acting testosterone as testosterone built given one in 4 months.
  • Testosterones implants are now possible which once included remaining effective for up to six months.
  • New human androgen receptor modulators improve the effect of the male hormone over androgens.
  • Growths Hormones Therapy: Growth hormone is produced when somatotropin need is found.
  • IGF-1 therapy: is provided during somatomedin-c is subnormal.

DHT Therapy:

It is given in many patients. It is very useful in most patients. This method is also useful in many patients when all the above surgery has left. The other good thing about this is that it is possible as skin gel so taking this is easy & has no side effects. This method is very effective in those in whom the male hormone is incapable to work due to the disability to create the end product for testosterone efficacy due to 5 alpha-reductase defects. In so proper replacement of the final victim, the hormone is followed leading to good penile growth. In such a situation, even male hormones can be used in higher than normal doses leading to the success of good penile enlargement.

Gonadotropin therapy is also very useful in penis enlargement. Gonadotropin-Releasing hormone treatment is sufficient in many cases of underdevelop genitalia. But unluckily many doctors do not take the problem seriously attending to the patient not given decent treatment. Thus many patients continue having a small size of penis & associated lifelong lack complex.

The Response of Treatment:

If any of the above therapy is started the response is so good & has no side effects. In one study when the important hormone started, penis size increases by 1.0 cm in the first period & the next 0.3 cm each month in following months. After many courses of over surgery, the penis enlarges by three to four inches in length & expanded in girth i.e. thickness. Thus the effect of therapy should be given to all men with little penis before ordering them to go for an order.


Medical Therapy is needed when the medication is not effective then there are many medical methods are there which can lead to long & high penis. At our center, our micro expert does all penis enlarging or size growing operation.

Penis-lengthening surgeries are performed by the specialist consultant (microscopic surgery) when the penis is significantly small drugs have failed. Sometimes it is done to improve the performance & comfort of man.

Three types of operations are performed.

  • Penis Increasing Surgeries
  • Penis Girth Growing Surgeries.
  • Chordee Repair

Response of Surgery

When various of the above treatment is started the response is very useful & has no side impacts. In one research when the powerful hormone began, penis size rises by 1.0 cm in the first month & then 0.3 cm every time in later months. After a few courses of the above treatment, the penis enlarges by three to four inches in length & also in girth i.e. thickness. Thus the case of treatment should be given to all adults with small penis before asking them to go for an operation.

Side Effects: It has no side effects if given in proper condition and in-patients when it is shown. Thus it is completely safe.

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